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Rhinoplasty, often referred to as nose job or nose reshaping, is the surgery performed to improve nasal function (functional rhinoplasty) and/or nasal contour (cosmetic rhinoplasty).  It is considered to be the most complex of plastic surgery procedures by most plastic surgeons because of the intricate anatomy and central location on the face.  Successful rhinoplasty is an art in many ways, and Dr. Patel prides himself on providing customized surgical care to individualize his rhinoplasty results.  Click to learn more about Dr. Patel.  Click to watch a video and learn more about rhinoplasty.  Click: Pricing.


Rhino Pricing

Dr. Amit Patel is a rhinoplasty specialist and frequently asked to lecture on his surgical techniques at national and international meetings to train other surgeons.  He translates his personal interest in mindful workflow practices into a customized surgical plan built for your individual needs.  This combined with an artistic eye, years of research in the area of nasal surgery, passion for healthcare innovation, and years of surgical experience treating patients with nasal breathing issues, nasal trauma, nasal cosmetic concerns, and nasal cancer allows him to deliver the highest level of care.  

"Rhinoplasty surgery is an art balanced on anatomical appreciation.  Despite my years of research and clinical experience, I continue to learn and collaborate with colleagues helping to push this surgical art form forward."


"The concept of 'form follows function' is woven into the anatomical structure of the nose.  Functional nasal surgery to correct breathing issues and reconstructive nasal surgery (after trauma or cancer) push me to evolve my cosmetic nasal surgery techniques ... and vice versa.


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