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Platelet Rich Fibrin - Harnessing The Power Of Your Body's Natural Rejuvenating Center

PRF Centrifuge.jpeg
PRF Centrifuge.jpeg

Natural Rejuvenation - Minimal Downtime - Impressive Results

The in-office procedure involves drawing your own blood, which is processed to harvest the platelet rich layer  (golden color in the picture).  The PRF is then placed into the area of concern using a microcannula or microneedling. 

What Is Platelet Rich Fibrin Used For?

PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin Under Eye Rejuvenation.jpg

Under Eye PRF For The "Tired Look"


PRF is used to treat fine lines and crepey skin around the eyes.  It can be applied as an isolated treatment or in combination with filler or fat grafting.  An in-office procedure that generally takes 45 min - 1 hour.  Serial treatments may be required.  

More Treatment Examples

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PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin Microneedling.jpg

Platelet Rich Fibrin 


Harnessing The Power of Your Body's Natural Rejuvenation Center

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